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Positions the body perfectly

This is the worlds first vibrating spanking bench. It is made of beautifully sanded and painted wood, covered with two inches of foam padding, topped off with a soft, smooth, but durable vinyl. It has four eye bolts located in just the right spot to attach handcuffs and anklecuffs. There Is plenty of space to add additional eye bolts if you like. The bench is made to be both strong and durable, and oh yeah, did I mention that it has a powerful vibrator built in just the right spot to give great additional stimilation to both men and woman. You simply want find this feature in in even the most expensive bench out there. This is our on unique design, and its priced nearly 50% less than most benches out there. Also for a limited time only, we will pay all shipping cost inside the Contenental USA. Thats right, your shipping is absolutely FREE. So what are you waiting for. Place your order now!

Sex Machine Spanking Bench

We took the vibrator off and........

We added a sex machine
Reg.$600.00 now only $475.00
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The ultimate orgasm has just got better. We have taken the vibrator spanking bench one step further. We have removed the vibrator, and installed our famous "Robosex machine for men" into the rear end of our spanking bench. Now you can add even more excitement to your orgasms. Now you can get spanked, and masturbate at the same time. The sex machine has piston action that can be adjusted up to 160 rpm. First insert your penis into the rubber sleeve that protrudes from the rear end of the bench. Now turn on the machine. Than turn the speed up to a speed that is comfortable for you. The stroking action will cause your penis to become hard. This will create a seal between your penis and the rubber sleeve. The piston action will now began to suck all of the air from the sleeve, causing a vacuum. Now you have both sucking and stroking action. Add some spanking to this, and the ultimate orgasm, has just got better.