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By Phillip, in the UK
I have the new and improved version of the Robospanker. Always wanted to get a good spanking in bed. And boy does this deliver. Before I bought it, I thought I would get a good spanking every night. But after trying it, I think I better make it every other night. I haven't tried the other positions yet, but if you like getting a good spanking in bed, this certainly does the job.

By Ms Robin, From West Des Moines, Iowa
I can't recommend this spanking machine more, It has been a wonderful
addition to my dungeon. I can now be with more than one sub at a time.
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By Paul, from Nashville
I just got my new robospanker & bench, today. It wonderful. I have not been
spanked like this in a very long time. I had two of the best paddlings I've in
years. I was very close to tears on my second spanking. I also got the
bench, w. mine 7 cant wait to rty it out. It should be just like going over-
the-knee.:: My try-out spankings were bare bottomed & all the rest shall be,
as well. My intent to to work my tolerance up to maximum, on both speed
& intensity. I want to get on my bench, hit the ON button, & let the tears
flow.::THANK YOU once again for the robospanker. It is the MOST
wonderful thing I have EVER owned...next to my Harley.

By Precilla, from New York
We were both a little hesitant to try a spanking machine at first, mainly because we
thought it would take away from the personal touch of spanking in the traditional fashion.
But things had been rather drab in our sex life anyways, so we thought, what the heck,
lets try it. Maybe it would spice up things a little. I still remember how excited we were
when the machine first arrived. We couldn�t wait to try it. So we both got it unpacked
real quick, and began to play with it. Larry was quick to strap me down to the vibrator-
spanking bench. (Being the dominant person he is) Than he turned on the vibrator. I
couldn�t believe the stimulation that came from that vibrator, �what a rush�. Next he
blindfolded me. Than I heard him walk away a little, and I heard him turn on a switch.
The next thing I know I felt a hard whack on my behind. First I thought it was him, but I
didn�t remember hearing him walk behind me. Than I felt another whack. Again I
thought, that�s got to be him hitting me. I still remember how exciting it was with the
vibrator going. Suddenly I felt him pull my hair. Than I felt another hard lick on the
behind. I knew now, that it was the machine hitting me, because he was standing right in
front of me and pulling on my hair. Than I heard him unzip his pants. He than jerked my
hair back & made me open my mouth wide. Seems like a really hard lick followed right
afterward. Next thing I know, his penis was in my mouth. I will never forget how
exciting that was, I was sucking on his penis, having my pussy teased by the vibrator
spanking bench, and being spanked all at the same time. I couldn�t help but to burst in
one of the biggest orgasm I have ever had. Needless to say, this machine is now a regular
part of our sex life. Thanks, DD Machinery for coming up with such a wonderful

By Ron in Florida

I just recieved my robospanker yesterday. It has proved to be the best money I have ever spent on my spanking fetish - and I have spent more than I can count over the years! I have had a lot of spanking playmates over the years, but this is the best one - its what a spanking SHOULD feel like. I tried to post a tetimonial with details about how great your product is, but got a web page not avaialbe when I clicked on the link on your site to "add testimonial" If you get the add testimonial link fixed I will be glad to post a detailed review. Everyone who loves spanking should have one of these. its great. I can't imagine being without this thing now. It looks like it could last a life time. Thanks again for all your help.

By Mark in LA (About the Robospanker)
"Help! Jane, stop this crazy thing!"

By Harold in NY
I was interested in the sex machine, but I don't get sexually arroused very
easily, so I wrote them and asked them if it doesn't cause me to have
an orgasm, could I get a refund. They told me I could, so I went
ahead and bought it. When I got it, I couldn't wait to try it, but
but I just knew I would be disappointed. But the machine actually works! I
was amazed to find out that I could be arroused by a machine to the
point of orgasm! Not only did it bring me to orgasm, but it has actually
made me have some of the best orgasms I have ever had. So
I just wanted to let other people know, especially older men like
myself, that if they don't get turned on easily, they should definately
try this machine. I also wanted to thank the people of DD
machinery, for bringing my sex life back to life.

By Howard Sterns in New York
I can't thank you guys enough for Robospanker. It's a great product.
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By Robert, in Ohio(Vibrator spanking bench)
Hi just receive the bench my wife loves it.first thing she did after I build it was get naked and put her self on it with hand and ankle cuffs.she said now let me have it.this is the first time I made her cry so I started to stop she said no keep going.I was just using the hair brush she ask me to get the leather strap so I did that for about 3 minutes man was she red.she said now to finish spank me with the cane I want 20 please.and the last 5 hard please.she never wanted the cane.she was total crying hard and said thanks so much I really need that.she wanted to say to you that it puts her in the right angle so when I spank her I follow through even now and hit the sit spot every time.wow what a bench and she said the vibrator really relax her so she can take more. and the shipping was so fast you said 2 to 3 weeks but I got it in 1 week. thanks for all your help with telling me about the bench

By Darin, From Oregon (Gauntlet chastity belt)
My mistress bought me the Gauntlet chastity belt. I was kinda nervous about wearing it, because I had owned several chastity belts in the past. Including the Neosteel belt. And they were just too uncomfortable to wear. But I was surprised at how soon I was able to get use the the Gauntlet belt. It turned out to be very comfortable, and just as secure as the neosteel belt. But it was less than half the price.

By Sarah, from North Carolina
I got it because I like spankings, but I don�t have a partner. So I just get on the spanking
bench and turn on the vibrator first. Boy does that get me excited. After it gets me really
worked up, I turn on the spanking. And wow it is so exciting, I swear it feels just like a
real person spanking me. I love it.

Kim from absolutekim.com
Over 2 months ago I locked my useless cuckold slave hubby�s tiny 4 inch cock into my wonderful new chastity belt as he is not allowed inside my or any woman�s pussy again. Thanks so much to everyone at Robospanker for helping keep a little cock compulsive masturbator exactly where he belongs... in PERMANENT CHASTITY! ::Now I guess I can only fuck other men instead of my husband ::

By Tanya, from West Virginia
My husband was a skeptic. But Robospanker made a believer of him. I tied him but
neckade to the spanking bench, and really let him have it. I had the machine on medium
and the speed turned down to about 1 spank every 10 seconds. It gave him a spanking
that he would never forget. I could tell he was in pain. I felt sorry for him, so I figured
the least I could do is rub his ass between licks. So I got behind him, and everytime
that paddle would give him a good whack, I would, I would than rub his ass. As I
stood there rubbing his ass, I felt so excited over all the power I had, he was totally at
my mercy, and he knew there wasn�t a thing he could do.

By Peter from the UK
Born and raised in Great Britain, I've always favored the cane. So when I heard this machine has a cane attachment, I simply had to have one. When it arrived, I first tried the paddle. The paddle was so severe, I was afraid to try the cane. A few days later, I worked up the nerves. Boy, I tell you, this is a good old fashion cane machine. (if there is such a thing) It really mimics the cane perfectly. I would write a little bit more about this, but I can't sit down any longer.

By Jeff from Nebraska
Hello: I recieved my robospanker and spanking bench a few days ago. i put it all together and wow! I haven't been spanked like this in years. Thank you for a great product. Sincerely: Jeff (AB)

By Brad in Michigan
DD Machinery is owed a real debt of gratitude by the "spanking Community," and
especially by those of us who don't currently enjoy the companionship of
a significant other who is into spanking. The machine was delivered this
morning, and I immediately gave it a test run. Set on High, the Robospanker
delivers as stinging a swat as any mom, dad or principal in the
country, I'm sure of that ...lol Many years ago I had a girlfriend who had
grown up in the deep south, and since hearing her tales of high school
paddling I had been curious about how a paddle would really feel
across the backside. Thanks to DD Machinery, I now do ! I'd seriously
consider sending her an email and inviting her up to try it out
herself, but I strongly suspect her husband would *not* approve.::And,
considering he's an ex-Marine, I really don't want to get him ticked off at me,
either :)::In any event, I wish to give Robospanker a glowing testimony.
I highly recommend this product, and wish the manufacturer great success with it.

By Calvin in Chicago, (Gauntlet Belt)
Got a Gauntlet chastity belt about 6 months ago. Since the price was so cheap, I wanted to wait to see how well it held up before I added a testimonial. I must say I am pleasently surprised. It steel in great condition. I'm also so surprised at how secure it is. Its got my recomendation.

By Jeff in New York
I just recently purchased the sex machine. And I wanted to be the first to add
a testimonial for it. I have to tell you, They definately did their
homework on that one. If you tried those vaginas and other hand deals, you'll
throw them away once you tried the Robosex. I'm tell you, it delivers,
and you definately want be disappointed.

By Stephen in Pennsylvania
My Robospanker just arrived today, and I couldn't wait to try it. The Salesman
suggested that I try it on soft or medium first. But I didn't want to waist my time
with that. I jumped right into the hard mode. After trying it, I have
just one word to say about it. "ooouchhh!!!"

By Greg in California
I have used my Robosex machine quite a few times now, and I decided I
have to leave a testimonial. I wouldn't recommend it to someone with a
weak heart. But for someone who is in good shape, it will give you
orgasms that will literally wear you out. It's Awesome.

By Eric in New York
Just got a robospanker and testing it out I set the timer for 8 minutes on medium.::I was bond to a table so once the spanking session started I clipped my hands so I could not shut off or get away from the spankinging till it was off. when I saw my rear in the mirror it was on the verge of bloddy and dark red so I will bvery cautious about the time ant power use with the Robospanker as you have no idea the strenght og the machine. ::I will no doubt feel this for a week as as I should.

By Elliot in LA (Robospanker) Wow, I never thought a machine spanking could really simulate that true spanking sensation. But this machine made me have flash backs to the days that I had been called to the principal office. Wow, got to wait a while before I can do this again.