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Robospanker is the world's first robotic spanking machine. The concept of a spanking machine has been around for years. But now finally the spanking machine is a reality. This is not a fantasy story; this is the world's first electric powered spanking machine. The Robospanker is created by DD Machinery. Robospanker is one of the most unique and fascinating adult toys on the market. The Research for the Robospanker began as early as 2002. Our first prototype spanking machine was powered by an air compressor. The concept of using an air compressor to power the spanking machine seemed like a great idea. However we soon discovered some safety problems related to using an air compressor. Most of the problems were associated with the exhaust which comes from the compressor. Noise was also a big problem. We soon decided to drop our pneumatic powered spanking machine, and decided to concentrate on building a machine that did not use compressed air. The Robospanker is a result of that research. In the year 2004, the Robospanker was featured on Howard Sterns. It has since been featured on numerous other tv and radio programs. It's popularity soon spread not only across the country, but across the World. Since 2004 hundreds of these spanking machines have been sold all across the world. DD Machinery has become well known world wide as the inventors of the first spanking machine. DD Machinery was founded in 1997, and has for years been the pioneers in the research and development of fine new bondage products. DD Machinery also pioneered the world's first, vibrator-spanking bench. The vibrator spanking bench is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after adult toy on the market. If you have never been to this site before, or if you are a returning guest, we invite you to come in and see the world's first robotic spanking machine. We also invite you to come in and see our free spanking videos, and our "Howard Sterns spanking gallery". Our other products include a robotic sex machine for men, spanking bench and paddles, leather cuffs. and chastity belts

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