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The Original Robospanker Machine

Now more powerful than ever!

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Older models was up to 36" long"

Get the real facts, the real deal, the Robospanker.

Take a look at the new improved Robospanker machine. Our older model was 36" long by 14 1/2" wide and 38" tall. Although it was a powerful machine, it required a great deal of space, and did not have the capability to swing the paddle vertically. Now take a look at the improvements. It has all the power and adaptability you need without the added expense and noise of an air compressor.

New design is only 20" long.
No air compressor needed.

Smaller, yet more Powerful than ever!
Our engineers were faced with the following problem. How can we make the machine smaller, yet maintain the same power that the Robospanker machine is so famous for? After much research, they were able to take it even a step further. By making some changed to the leverage applied to the internal trigger mechanism, we were not only able to make the machine much smaller, but were actually able to increase the power of the spank by nearly 40%. The new design is only 20" long, and packs a wallop like you want believe. It has 3 different spank settings. (hard, medium, soft) You control the speed of the spank with a small hand held remote control. The speed can be adjusted from a slow spank of one spank every 15 seconds, to a fast speed of one spank every 2 seconds. Also, keep in mind that this machine is powered by a quiet yet powerful electric gear motor. It has all the power you need for the butt blistering spank of a lifetime. Don't be fooled into thinking you have to have an air compressor to get a good spanking. This simply isn't true. There is no need to deal with the added expense, noise, setup, and maintenance that can be associated with air compressor units. You should also be aware, that if you like a spanking session that last more than 5 minutes, there is a good chance that air compressor controlled units will loose too much pressure to maintain the same spank intensity, and speed. If you are considering purchasing a spanking machine that operates by an air compressor, you should also be aware of the following: Although the manufacturers of these products will try to play down these facts, you should be aware of the inherent health risk of air compressors.. These factors, among others, is why we decided to drop our pneumatic version of the Robospanker.

Has one single telescoping leg.

A multitude of different angles!
The photo to the left shows only one of the many different angles the machine can be adjusted to. We have added the ability to adjust the machine to accommodate a large range of angles. This is a totally new feature to the Robospanker machine. It has one single telescoping leg that allows you to adjust the paddle to strike a target that is 36" high, to as low as the floor itself. The height and angle adjustments makes it possible for you at home to be spanked in almost any position you can imagine. You can now position yourself over a chair, over the knee of a partner, over the arm of a couch, across the kitchen table, kneeling down over the bed, what ever you can imagine, this machine can accommodate. It even angles upwards.

Paddle swings both vertical, and horizontal.

What about lying on the floor?
Want to lye on the floor, or bed while taking a spanking? No problem. We just hope your able to get up again after its all over.
Polypropylene paddles
We spent a great deal of time researching paddle materials. We tried everything from wood to leather. Our earlier prototype machines were powered by pneumatics, and used lexan paddles. Lexan had just the feeling that we were looking for, and seemed to have been more than durable enough. In fact, lexan was once known as the unbreakable plastic. But after months of testing’s, we decided to do away with our pneumatic version of the machine, and build a machine using conventional mechanics. Once we had the machine built, we discovered something rather fascinating. The machine seemed to have more spanking power than our pneumatic version. We could certainly feel the difference without a doubt. This was later confirmed when we noticed that our lexan paddles would break after about 2 months of testing’s on the mechanical version of the machine. We had tested lexan paddles for about 6 months on our pneumatic version, and never had a paddle break. So we had to go back to the drawing board to find a more durable material. We soon discovered polypropylene. It is a very dense yet flexible plastic, and much more durable than lexan. We have been using polypropylene paddles for years now, and have never had one break. The machine comes with 2 paddles. Both paddles are 1/4" thick. Our standard paddle (The one shown in the photo) is 2 1/2" wide, and feels more like a leather strap. The second paddle is only 1 1/2" wide, and gives more of a stinging sensation. It feels more like being hit with a belt.

Cane attachment
After you place the Robospanker in your shopping cart, simply click on the "continue shopping" button to add additional accessories. We have just the thing for those who likes that good old fashion cane sensation. Our 3/8" diameter cane is made of PVC plastic. Guaranteed to give you that cane sensation you have been craving. You will also have an option to add a 15 minute timer to your machine. The 15 minute timer can be set to turn your machine off automatically at any time frame from 2 to 15 minutes. You will also have the option to add a set of 4 leather handcuffs. For those of you who are into self bondage, you will have the option to add our time release handcuffs. The time release handcuffs are controlled by an electric solenoid which releases the cuffs automatically after the timer has expired.

Easily breaks down for storage.
Will fit in any closet.
Can be taken apart in 5 minutes and easily stored away in any closet.

Conventional mechanics
compared to pneumatics.
The Robospanker does
not require the added
expense and noise of
an air compressor

How does the Robospanker compare to pneumatic controlled machines?
The use of pneumatics with spanking machines, certainly brings some advantages to the table. Among them is smaller size and lighter weight machines. However pneumatic controlled machines also brings a lot of disadvantages as well. Most of the disadvantages are associated with the air compressor which is required to operate the machine. Just the additional noise and vibration from some air compressors, can make the machine quite intolerable inside of a house, or small apartment. Most people who are into spanking just want to have a good solid spanking, and really do not want the extra hassles, and hazards that come with the operation, and maintenance of air compressors. If you are considering purchasing a spanking machine which is powered by pneumatics, we strongly recommend that you read the manual that comes with the air compressor recommended for the machine. Please click on the following link to view the air compressor manual recommended by one manufacturer of a pneumatic controlled spanking machine. This manual warns of possible breathing hazards, and states that the air stream from the air compressor may contain carbon monoxide, toxic vapors or solid particles, and that the air compressor should only be used in well ventilated areas. Do you consider your bedroom to be well ventilated? The manual also warns that in order to reduce the risk of the tank exploding, you should drain moisture from the tank daily, or after each use. Do you really want to go through all of that just for some spanking fun? It goes on to warns that there is a risk of fire if the compressor ventilation openings are restricted. Lets face it, your just looking to have a good solid spanking. Do you really want to take on the extra expense, hassles, hazzards, and not to mention noise that comes with almost all air compressors. That is why we do not use pneumatics with the Robospanker. Our goals is to provide you with good spanking fun that is both safe, and simple.

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Lifetime Warranty.
The Robospanker is made with a welded tubular steel frame. Its internal components are built to heavy duty industrial standards. Its built so tough that it comes with a full lifetime warranty! When you order the Robospanker machine, it will come in the traditional black finish unless otherwise specified. You choose rather or not you would want the Robospanker label on the machine. For a limited time we are offering free shipping inside the continental USA. This item will ship to most countries for under $200.00. And remember, with DD Machinery your satisfaction is always guaranteed. If you are not happy with this product for any reason at all, simply return it for a full refund. Now being featured at thespankingblog.com.
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Robospanker with Vibrating Bench
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Robospanker with vibrating spanking bench.
The Robospanker can be adjusted to work with any spanking machine. However, if you don't have one, we have a choice of 2 different benches. The first is our world famous vibrating spanking bench. The other is our sex machine spanking bench. The vibrating spanking bench has a built in vibrator which is in just the right location to stimulate both males, and females. The sex machine bench has a built in sex machine designed for men. Both benches are built with 2 by 4 wood frame, topped off with 2" thick foam, than cover with a comfortable yet durable vinyl.
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Robospanker/sex machine bench reg $1345.00 Now only $925.00
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Robospanker with sex machine spanking bench!

The ultimate orgasm has just got better. We have taken the vibrator spanking bench one step further. We have removed the vibrator, and installed our famous "Robosex machine for men" into the rear end of our spanking bench. Now you can add even more excitement to your orgasms. Now you can get spanked, and masturbate at the same time. The sex machine has piston action that can be adjusted up to 160 rpm. First insert your penis into the rubber sleeve that protrudes from the rear end of the bench. The sleeve is 1 1/2" wide,
and 7"long. It stretches to fit any size. Now turn on the machine. Than turn the speed up to a speed that is comfortable for you. The stroking action will cause your penis to become hard. This will create a seal between your penis and the plastic sleeve. The piston motion will now create a vaccum Inside the sleeve. Now you have both sucking and stroking action. Add some spanking to this, and the ultimate orgasm, has just got better.
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Robospanker with time released handcuffs
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Robospanker with Time release handcuffs!

Our time release handcuffs are perfect for self bondage. You know longer need a partner to restrain you. Just get on the bench, place your hands inside the cuffs, and press the remote start button. The handcuffs will lock closed, and the spanking machine will start spanking. You want get loose until the preset time expires. This option is perfect for solo play.