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Old design was much larger. New
design is smaller,and more powerful
Reg. 1045.00, now only $495.00
With free shipping!

New design can adjust to many angles.
No need for noisy aircompressors.

It's finally here! The machine you feared so much as a child, but dreamed of as an adult. Robospanker uses a small motor to drive a trigger device, which draws back a spring-loaded paddle. Than suddenly releases the paddle giving the subject, who is bent over in front of it, a good swift lick on the behind. You adjust the tension of the spank from a light pat, to a very painful whack. It comes with two easily removable paddles. Both paddles are made of a very flexible, but unbreakable plastic, designed to feel like a leather strap. It also has an optional cane attachment sold separately. Guaranteed to give you that cane sensation that you have been looking for. The Robospanker can be used with or without a spanking bench. To use the machine without a bench, simply stand in front of the paddle, or bend over in front of the paddle, than press the button on the 4 ft remote to start the spanking. Press again to stop the spanking. Its that sample. The machine is built with a solid 1" tubular steel welded frame. It has adjustable legs to fit any height. And if you act now, we will include the vibrator-spanking bench for only $150.00 more. That's more than 50% off its regular price. Both built so solid, they come with a full 5-year warranty. You'll have a choice to purchase the machine with or without the "Robospanker" label printed on it. Legs can be removed for storage. For a limited time, we are now offering free shipping, inside the Continental USA. This item will ship to most other countries for about $250.00. So if you are looking for a machine that can deliver the most powerful and excruciating spank possible, and not just a novelty piece, we guarantee you will be satisfied with the Robospanker. If you think this is a great product now, Click here to see recent new improvements!

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